Claire Dub is a writer / director / producer. She has written and directed several shorts, produced films with collaborating filmmakers, and directed client-commissioned film projects, with a special focus in architecture.


ART SHOW I Short Comedy I Writer / Director / Producer

ACTING HER AGE - Short Comedy - Writer / Director / Producer - Click for Teaser

THE PA STAYS IN THE PICTURE - Short Comedy - Co-Director / Producer

BADNUN - Series Pitch - Art Director / Designer I Click image for more.

THE UNFRIENDED - Short Comedy - Director - Click for teaser.

FANM DJANM video of workshop at P371K - Shooter / Editor

PAIGET WITH OLVIA PALERMO - Series of short social videos - Shooter / Editor

7115 BY SZEKI FASHION FILM - Co-Director/ Producer - story here

MARCH OF THE PENGUINS - 40-secs to brighten your day - Co-Director

LATE NIGHTS ON AIR - Video projections for Charles Renfro stage design, featuring Jonah Bokaer Choreography set to an original score by Nico Muhly performed live on stage in a by violinists Angela & Jennifer Chun. → Performance Teaser ↓ One of five shorts projected as part of Renfro’s stage design

↓ Teaser Video for 25-min Rural Studio film at Venice Biennale 2016 - story here

↓ Video for LEGO Education Design Studio at RISD - story here

↑ 20+ bite size videos + branding material for NYC-architecture office GLUCK+ - story here.

↑ ↓ Videos for Brooklyn-based digital design studio MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY