Hello and welcome!  My name is Claire. I am a big-picture-meets-fine-details writer, designer and filmmaker.

My bio is here.

↑ ACTING HER AGE - Short Comedy I wrote, directed and produced. Click for Teaser!

My approach is characterized by conceptual rigor, technical detail and playful flair.

↓ Here's a pretty good explanation of who I am (40 secs long).

Some of these projects I've produced for clients or in-house at NYC-based design studios, where I worked as a visual designer / communications specialist. Others I've developed and produced myself and with other independent filmmakers.

↓ Series pilot for which I created visual development material. 
↓ Short comedy I co-produced / co-directed. More soon!
↑ THE UNFRIENDED - A short comedy I directed. Click for teaser.

On every project, my own ideas, values and impulses meet with those of my collaborators to create something new.

↑ Shot & edited video of Fanm Djanm workshop at P371K.
↓ Shot & edited series of short social videos for Piaget with Olivia Palermo.
↓ Produced and Co-Directed 1 - minute fashion film for 7115 by Szeki - story here
↑ A 1-minute sample of projects I've directed. Some of this I have also shot / edited / produced, and other times I collaborate with others. It varies depending on what makes sense for the project. New scripted-narrative reel coming soon!

I experientially communicate ideas and information to target audiences -- from concept to production.

↑ Teaser Video for 25-min Rural Studio film at Venice Biennale 2016 - story here
↑ Video for  LEGO Education Design Studio at RISD - story here

A background in architecture taught me to think and produce through iteration, collaboration and clear communication with myself and others. Practical experience in production and project management followed suit.

↓ Adaptation of a Buckminster Fuller book into an alphabet book for all ages - story here
↑ 20+ bite size videos and other branding material for NYC-architecture office GLUCK+ -  story here.
↑ ↓ ↓ Videos for Brooklyn-based digital design studio MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY, which I created in-house along with other marketing material and brand development.




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