Hello and welcome!  My name is Claire. I am a big-picture-meets-fine-details filmmaker, writer and designer.

My bio is here.

↓ Here's a short I co-directed that in only 40-secs will brighten your day:

My approach is characterized by conceptual rigor, technical detail and playful flair. 

↓ ART SHOW - short comedy I wrote and directed (2018).

Scripted narrative projects on this page are developed and produced by myself and with other independent filmmakers in NYC.

Other online communications projects were produced for clients or in-house at NYC-based design studios. More examples of work in architecture, design and technology are available upon request.

↓ Series pitch I art directed and designed. Click image for more.

↓ Short comedy I co-produced / co-directed. Recently played at Lighthouse International and Art of Brooklyn Film Festivals.

↑ THE UNFRIENDED - A short comedy I directed. Click for teaser.

↑ Shot & edited video of Fanm Djanm workshop at P371K.

↓ Shot & edited series of short social videos for Piaget with Olivia Palermo.

↓ Produced and Co-Directed 1 - minute fashion film for 7115 by Szeki - story here

↑ A 1-minute sample of projects I've directed. Some of this I have also shot / edited / produced, and other times I collaborate with others. It varies depending on what makes sense for the project. New scripted-narrative reel coming soon!

↓ ACTING HER AGE - Short Comedy I wrote, directed and produced (2017). Click for Teaser!

↑ Teaser Video for 25-min Rural Studio film at Venice Biennale 2016 - story here

↑ Video for LEGO Education Design Studio at RISD - story here

A background in architecture taught me to think and produce through iteration, collaboration and clear communication with myself and others. Practical experience in production and project management followed suit.

↓ Adaptation of a Buckminster Fuller book into an alphabet book for all ages - story here

↑ 20+ bite size videos and other branding material for NYC-architecture office GLUCK+ - story here.

↑ ↓ ↓ Videos for Brooklyn-based digital design studio MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY, which I created in-house along with other marketing material and brand development.

Thanks for stopping by!