Claire Dub is a writer / director / producer who brings conceptual rigor, signature flair and a sense of humor to all that she does. Claire has written and directed several shorts, produced films with collaborating filmmakers, and delivered client-commissioned film projects, with a special focus in architecture.


ART SHOW I Short Comedy I writer/director/producer - Art Show will premiere at NY Shorts Sunday June 2nd! Click image for info. It will also play at Art of Brooklyn Monday June 3rd, and the Lighthouse International Film Festival in New Jersey the following weekend.

BADNUN I Series pitch I art director/designer I Click for more.

THE PA STAYS IN THE PICTURE I Short comedy I co-director/producer I Official Selection of Lighthouse International Film Festival and Art of Brooklyn Film Festivals.

THE UNFRIENDED I Short Comedy I Director I Click for teaser.

FANM DJANM workshop at P371K I Shooter/Editor

PAIGET WITH OLVIA PALERMO I Series of short social videos I Shooter/Editor

↓ 7115 BY SZEKI FASHION FILM I Co-Director/Producer - story here

MARCH OF THE PENGUINS I 40-secs to brighten your day, based on the toy that made Claire who she is today I Co-Director

ACTING HER AGE - Short Comedy - writer/director/producer - Click for Teaser!

↑ Teaser Video for 25-min Rural Studio film at Venice Biennale 2016 - story here

↑ Video for LEGO Education Design Studio at RISD - story here

↑ 20+ bite size videos and other branding material for NYC-architecture office GLUCK+ - story here.

↑ ↓ ↓ Videos for Brooklyn-based digital design studio MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY