7115 by Szeki


Developed and executed with collaborator Randy Rubin, this video features the Spring / Summer 2015 line of NYC-based designer 7115 by Szeki. 

The concept takes shape from the intimate and honest setting that is a bedroom, where all sides, emotions and feelings of a person can manifest without judgement. With this content in mind, we, as the curious and omniscient voyeur, took the shooting approach of a clock, rotating around the bed as an hour hand does over the day. We honed in on the lovely Sara Visser with tight shots from a slider positioned at each corner, while a fixed overhead camera captured her ever changing positioning around the bed.

Below are some concept diagrams, storyboards and production design sketches I created to help us with creative resolution in pre-production, but which also helped communication with our crew in production.

And some behind-the-scenes shots:

Featuring: Sara Visser / Directed by: Claire Dub & Randy Rubin / Produced by: Claire Dub, Randy Rubin, Margarida Malarkey / Composer: Ian Miller / Stylists: Madina Baxandall, Chin Onglacto / Hair: Bates Jaffe / Assistant Director: Siena Brown / Camera: Randy Rubin / Gaffer: Ted Maroney / Key Grip: Cory Beisser / Assistant Camera: Alex Schaefer, Ariel Setear / Editor, Colorist: Randy Rubin / Set PAs: Nathaniel Felder, Scott Lyman, Micheal Nham