A Perfect Storm


A Perfect Storm is a concept developed for a fashion/beauty campaign by myself and collaborator Randy Rubin, and for which I created story art and boards. The one-minute piece follows a loose narrative arch which, as if a dream, takes the form of one woman's passing memories -- the experiences that have made her the person she is.

Choreographed transitions displace one formative moment of a woman's experience with another: self-actualization, trials in vulnerability, gaining wisdom, and emergence as a confident and self-assured person that culminates with the end of innocence. The memories are seemingly seamless as the camera moves from one to another, shifting through an abstract sense of time and scale. 

The concept and aesthetic draw inspiration from the spirit of Academic and Romantic-era painting, recontextualizing and making contemporary their narrative and aesthetic, and in particular, the expression of "femininity." The video utilizes moody, shadowy lighting and glowing highlights and is intended to be shot in a studio.

The soap bubble, producing a faint reflected image, is a symbol in painting for the fleeting, transitory nature of life. As a seductive visual motif, it lends to the film's ultimate sense of awe and scale.