03/17 Production Design Begins


Kicked off PD today with some quick tests, using photos I pulled from online. Turns out the 'oil paint' filter in Photoshop works really well. Especially because this is a heightened comedy, I think the effect will be pretty funny.

I think I mentioned before I want the paintings to have the look of John Singer Sargent's. After my FS presentation the other day, and the eagerness of others to be involved, I realized it'd be fun to photograph people I know for these paintings, before turning them into oil portraits with the Photoshop filter. 

jss gynocologist.jpg
↑ Quick test of Photoshop Oil Painting Filter on an image pulled of Adrian Brody pulled from online. 
← John Singer Sargent's "Dr. Pozzi at Home". I think Sargent's portraits are fun because they feel like the 'trading card' of a person -- almost like the stats of the subject should be on the back (height / weight / net worth / vices). Also, though they're from the turn of the 19th C., they feel contemporary -- the people look just like people from today. I swear this guy has hit on me in a bar in Williamsburg. FUN SIDENOTE: Dr. Pozzi here was a gynecologist. Ha! This guy. He does not, thankfully, look like my gynecologist.