03/08 "This Always Happens..."


Meeting today with Hillary, I encountered the "this always happens" moment -- when I realize ambition has gotten the best of me and I'm forcing production. It makes sense to move later. There is no reason not to actually, other than being antsy, which I am. It is so much better to get into a shoot fully prepped.

But, actually, the even bigger reason I'm pushing is because I really can't afford to shoot April 7th. I need what looks at least 1500 to spend on location, production design and feeding people.

Hillary and I went through our calendars and the only weekend that works for both of us as a new shoot date is June 1st, so that is what it will be! This works out well because I am producing her shoot in the meantime, and also shooting my friend Marc's, which was also pushed! (to Mar 31 + Apr 1) In the coming days I will re-strategize my goal schedule.

For Hillary's today we talked about schedule (looking now at a chiller 2-day shoot, Apr 28+29); locations (still seeking a nice kitchen to shoot in); possible DP choices and started discussing casting. Hillary posted a call and we'll be holding auditions Mar 22 and 24 (after the March for Our Lives!)