02/28 Log Line, Character Breakdown and Upcoming Goals


Today I met my goal of making a casting breakdown (pasted below). Writing a breakdown also led me to write a log line. It is: At the opening of a young, hot artist’s show, the legitimacy of her work is called into question.

I also made my goal of making more goals! In fact, to help the whole group with this, we had the talented and enthusiastic Sam Garland come in to talk about making SMART goals (Specific / Measurable / Achievable / Relevant / Time-Based). Sam came in a few seasons ago and it really made an impact on how I set deadlines for myself. Seeing her again tonight helped me refine the schedule I had drafted.

My goals for the next sixteen weeks (what is written for each date is what I am to have completed that day):

Mar 7 - initial casting reach outs / explored DP + camera options / initial location calls made / start strategizing PD / revise script
Mar 14 - Filmshop Presentation today! Reading of script, *maybe* initial discussion of shot list / auditions commenced / develop PD / DP + camera decision made
Mar 21 (1st Quarter Goal) - first draft shotlist complete / PD prints ordered
Mar 28 - first draft shooting schedule complete / location locked / met or discussed with each castmember
Apr 4 - dress rehearsal complete / shot list + schedule complete / PD complete
Apr 11 - (Halfway goal) production complete (plan is to shoot April 7)
Apr 18 - Focus on producing Hillary's shoot / being assembly or trade favor with AE
Apr 25 - focus on Hillary's production (the upcoming weekend)
May 2 - first cut / sent to composer
May 9 - second cut
May 16 - (Third Quarter Goal) final cut for notes
May 23 - fine cut sent to color / sound / score
May 30 - notes on sound / color / score
Jun 6 - (Season Goal) COMPLETE colored, mixed short!

Do these goals seem SMART? Uhh.... they seem aggressive. It's not like this is a full-time job. Yet this is the only side-project right now (I even ditched a plan to write a feature in parallel), and I'm just going to hold onto my butt and go for it.  

AND YET -- there is one thing I am well aware might totally change my schedule, related to this not being a full-time job: it is quite possible my work/financial situation won't allow me to shoot this quite as soon as I want to. Being a freelancer means your money is often theoretical, somewhere out there in the ether, rather than in your pocket. I am also in the process of transitioning to a full-time position. It's actually sort of a weird moment to put money into a short, but I just want to at least try. 

I've outlined for myself but haven't yet written much about the production costs associated with this project. As small as I'm trying to keep it, some things just require money. I'll post more about this tomorrow. 


ARTIST : Male or Female, 20s / 30s / early 40s, any race. Dripping with cool. Very earnest. Harangues about their art. Believes their own bullshit.
REPORTER : Female, 20s, any race. Eager for the scoop, she doesn’t talk much but is always watching, always recording.
ART GROUPIES (2): Male or Female, 18-29, any race. Care about being seen in the scene. Hyper aware of what’s hot and what’s not -- in mainstream but also in the art world. That Millennial snob mix of caring about stupid things while being crushingly sharp. Real fashionistas. Probably wear a lot of Opening Ceremony.
POTENTIAL PURCHASER: Male, 50+, any race. Also known as the Monopoly Man. Old, rich AF. Always dressed well, down to his vest and pocket watch. Harumphs at that of which he disapproves.
GALLERY OWNER: Male, 40ish, any race. Slick, spends time on hair, beautiful italian suit and shoes. A networker looking to move his product. Enjoys being a member at private clubs.
INSTIGATOR: Male or Female, 35+, any race. Not dressed to impress. Isn’t impressed by bullshit. Calls it like they see it.
SECURITY GUARD: Male, 30+, any race. Dopey and buff. His job is to protect the art, so he will try to remember to do that.