02/21 Filmshop Begins!


Today was the first session of Filmshop! Filmshop is a filmmaking collective, with six chapters -- five in NYC, one of which is specifically a directing workshop, and the newest in New Orleans. Hillary and I are both co-leaders of the South Brooklyn chapter, along with Jason Hood. Our group meets at the IFP Media Center in Dumbo on Wednesday nights. 

The point of Filmshop is to help one another by shepherding through independent (never client) projects, workshopping and providing feedback. We also help one another a lot when it comes to actually producing and shooting. Each season we make big goals to achieve by the final session, 16 weeks later. We then break than down into the steps along the way that we'll need to achieve to make that happen. That means each week we have a goal to meet. (We outline these at the beginning with the understanding that things can change along the way.) My goal for next week is to come up with my season goals (which I imagine I'll publish here) as well as go back into my script and write Character Breakdowns to begin casting. It feels rushed, but that's the schedule Hillary and I came up with.

Tonight when we were going around the group saying our goal for next week, "Unfinished Business" came up a lot. Last year's showcase (for which the theme was "Spoiler Alert") was big, but I think this year's might be bigger...