01/05 Getting Started


Today I met with my talented friend and co-Filmshopper Hillary Berkowitz Nussbaum to kick off our pair of collaborative projects!  Our plan this Winter / Spring is to each write a short related to the theme of Filmshop's Showcase, which this year is 'Unfinished Business.' We will each direct the script we wrote, and produce the other's. The showcase screening is at Rough Trade in Williamsburg in July. (Open to the public / I'll post info later). Our goal is roughly to develop and think about in January / write through Feb, pre-pro in March, shoot in April, post in May - for June completion. It sounds like not a lot but also a lot, given that we're each doing it in our spare time. Together we'll make and hold one another to deadlines while also providing creative and production feedback along the way. On the day, we will act take the reigns on all producer duties, so the other can focus on directing. Fun!